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TMJ Health

As with your knee joints, your jaw joints take quite a beating! Over the

years, breakdown can occur. When this happens, pain and tenderness

result. There is no formal dental specialty to refer patients for treatment.

We have seen improvement and reduction of symptoms in many patients

by providing what is termed ''conservative, non-invasive treatment''.

Many times we can construct a bite splint to free up your mandible and

allow the inflammation and the associated pain in the joint ligaments

and chewing muscles to subside. Following several weeks of adjustment,

your mandible finds its ''sweet spot''. At that time, a conservative bite

adjustment is performed on your teeth. This allows the upper and lower

teeth to come together at the same time. The bite interferences are

therefore eliminated.

Sometimes, the teeth are in such poor positions, that they throw the

mandible off this ''sweet spot''. This is where orthodontic treatment can

help. A stable bite with straight teeth is much easier to maintain joint

health. Occasionally, several of your teeth are so damaged from the

bite being out of sync that they require crowns to reconstruct the shape

that they used to have before all of the damaging wear occurred.

Whatever your needs are, we can help. There is a low percentage of

cases that need a specialist to perform joint surgery, so the odds are

in your favor!

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