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Smile Rejuvenation

As we age, so does our smile. It's not just vanity, research shows a direct

correlation between physical attractiveness and self esteem. We all know

how important a pretty, healthy smile can be for self esteem and social

interaction. Since our dental practice is cosmetically oriented, and patients

come to us because they trust us to provide the ultimate esthetic result, we

follow the DENTAL COSMETIC PYRAMID. We designed this pyramid and teach

it as well. Using this method ensures that we address all aspects of your smile and provide you with the information and options to attain the smile that you want.

The Dental Cosmetic Pyramid is approached as follows:

1. Tooth Whitening

2. Orthodontic issues

3. Gingival (also known as the gums; the soft tissue that surrounds the teeth) issues

4. Restorative (veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding, etc.)

You are not in any way required to have all 4 steps performed. You may not need them

or you may not want them. However, it is our job to inform you of what steps will give you the best esthetic result. Then it is up to you as to what you are most comfortable with.

Your treatment plan will be designed in a logical step-wise fashion using the pyramid.

Beginning at the foundation, we provide you with COMPLIMENTARY tooth whitening

procedures. Besides giving you a whiter brighter smile, this also allows us to use lighter colored restorative materials should you need any in the future.

Orthodontic treatment is the second level of the pyramid. Because we have the ability

to move teeth to their proper locations, it allows us to provide you the ultimate cosmetic result even if crown and/or veneers are planned. It's amazing what rounding out the arches orthodontically can do for cheek and lip support.

The next level of the pyramid is performing treatment to improve the way the gum tissues appear. These techniques involve improving the locations of the gum margins

to provide a balance and symmetry to your smile. The gums basically help frame the teeth, and gums that go up and down are not cosmetic. We provide many of these services with the more complicated graft procedures often being performed by one

of our trusted specialists that we have worked with over the years.

The top of the pyramid is therefore the restorative treatment to your teeth to make

them appear beautiful in shape and provide that most incredible smile. Feel free to

walk around our office and see the pictures of patients that have had us create the smile of their dreams. Also, feel free to view the gallery of before and after pictures in

this website.

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