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The PDP is made for you

If you do not have dental insurance and are putting off necessary dentistry because of having to deal with paying full cost, THIS PLAN IS FOR YOU! It will not work if you currently have dental insurance. Our doctors developed this plan in the spring of 2011 after realizing that many of their existing patients had their dental benefits taken away from them by their employers. The resulting plan is basically a discount fee plan that reduces our standard fees to represent insurance fee schedules that we would have to honor as a provider if you had dental insurance. THIS IS A GROUND BREAKING CONCEPT IN AN EFFORT TO KEEP DENTISTRY AFFORDABLE IN AMERICA!


For an annual membership fee of $200.00, you will receive the following benefits:

-- Two check ups per year, including necessary xrays and cleaning

-- 40% discount on restorative dental services (excluding veneers and lab fees)

-- 30% discount on orthodontic treatment

-- 30% discount on implant services (excluding fees for parts and lab fees)

-- Complimentary tooth whitening (requires patients to be current on their cleanings, check ups, and recommended


-- All family members under age 18 receive the above benefits for an additional $50.00 per dependent per 12 month


** Discounts do not apply to lab fees or implant parts fees

Your treatment plan will exhibit the regular fee and your PDP fee. This fee must be paid in full at each appointment. If you elect to use the CITI HEALTH CARE CARD, your PDP discount is reduced 10%.

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