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Keeping it clean and safe

Keeping you comfortable and safe during your dental procedures is top priority in our office. We go to great lengths to ensure the cleaniness of our office is above board. In between each and every patient, the treatment rooms are thoroughly cleaned with a strong disinfectant that is designed to kill bacteria and viruses. This effectively eliminates cross contamination from the likes of viruses like HIV, Hepatits B and C, Herpes I & II, and Rhinovirus, as well as bacteria such as tuberculosis, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Pseudomonas, and Strep. It's nice to know that although our disinfectant is strong enough to kill the above mentioned, it's non-toxic to humans.

With the occasional media expose' on dental offices, you're bound to wonder what steps we go through in the processing of treatment rooms and instruments to ensure their cleanliness and your safety. One thing you might notice is that there are no sinks in our treatment rooms. We designed our office so that the sinks are outside the treatment rooms to decrease the potential of contamination to the areas where treatment is rendered. You may also notice all the containers of antimicrobial hand sanitizer. The doctors and staff members are on a handwashing mission. When you are seated in your room, you'll notice plastic covers on the handles of the overhead lamps, a cover for the head rest, protective masks and gloves on the doctor and assistant to protect you and them both.

All reusable instruments are cleaned in an ultrasonic device prior to disinfection and sterilization. The ultrasonic device removes debris, while cold sterile and autoclave kill the microbes. We check our sterilization equipment on a regular basis to make sure the proper temperature and pressure is reached.

We take the cleanliness of our office very seriously. Your visits to our office will definitely be the cleanest environment that you will be in all day long!

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