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Our implant experience goes back to 1983. From that year until now,we have put together a very solid and predictable method. Our dental practice is one of a small percentage of practices nationwide where a dentist both surgically places the implants as well as restores them with crowns, bridges, or dentures. We perform all of the implant techniues and the related prosthodontic procedures necessary to replace your missing teeth

The advantage of having us perform your implant treatment is that you do not have to be referred to one or more specialists. All treatment is performed right here at our facility. Because we do everything from start to finish, we don't see implants placed in weird arrangements that are difficult, costly, and ultimately uncosmetic when completed.

The only time we call in one of our trusted specialists is when complicated bone grafting is needed at the site of your implants. Again, because of our experience in these matters, your well-being comes first and foremost.

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