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We perform root canal treatment on both front and back teeth. Our

technique is both safe and effective, and most treatments can be

completed in one visit. The exception to this applies to teeth that are

too infected for the filling material to be placed properly. In those cases,

medicaments will be sealed in the tooth, allowing the tooth to heal over a few weeks before the treatment is completed.

Some teeth that need root canal treatments are in a chronic state of

infection. This allows time for the body to form cysts in an attempt

to isolate the infection from the rest of the body. In these cases,

an additional surgical treatment is needed besides the root canal.

This is called an APICOECTOMY. We perform these as well. In addition

to surgically cleaning out the cyst, we place a BONE GRAFT in the bony

defect left behind. This allows your body to heal this area much faster.

Our doctors pride themselves in having performed thousands of endodontic treatments for their patients over the years.

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