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Dental Cosmetic Pyramid

Since our dental practice is cosmetically oriented, and patients come to us because they trust us to provide the ultimate esthetic result, we follow The DENTAL COSMETIC PYRAMID. We designed this pyramid and teach it as well. Using this method ensures that we address all aspects of your smile and provide you with the information and options to attain the smile that you want.

The Dental Cosmetic Pyramid is approached as follows:

1. Tooth Whitening

2. Orthodontic issues

3. Gingival issues (gums)

4. Restorative (veneers, crowns,

bridges, bonding, etc.)

You are not in any way required to have all 4 steps performed. You may not need them or you may not want them. However, it is our job to inform you of what steps will give you the best esthetic result. Then it is up to you as to what you are most comfortable with.

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