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We usually take 4 bitewing x-rays twice per year and a panographic x-ray every 3 years. These x-rays are a requirement for a thorough exam and diagnosis. On occasion, we take additional x-rays to get more information on a certain tooth or area. We take the fewest amount of xrays to get

the job done.

We examine your teeth and gums as well as your orthodontic situation and cosmetic appearance. A throrough cleaning is performed using an ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments, and this is followed up with a gentle polish and fluoride application. Yes, we still believe in the benefits of fluoride, and we do not charge an additional fee for it. You are certainly allowed to decline the fluoride if you so desire.

A treatment plan is developed for you in the order of priority needs, beginning with the most urgent treatment first. We provide you a copy of this along with an explanation of what your out of pocket expense will be at each visit. NO SURPRISES!

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